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Saving Animals & Finding Homes

7Our History

The Stone County SPCA was organized in 2009 and opened the Jeanne H. Miller Animal Shelter in 2012.  We have always been a no-kill shelter. During 2020 we took in over 700 animals and had a live release rate of 97%. We do this by keeping adoption fees low and transporting a large percentage of our animals (56% of our dogs and puppies).

Stone County, like most rural places in the country, has too many unwanted pets for its population to absorb. Therefore, the Stone County SPCA has concentrated its efforts to both transport unwanted pets, and spay and neuter as much of the pet population as possible.

2020 Staistics




Returned to Owner

Canines Leaving in 2019

  • Adopted – 236
  • RTO – 50
  • Transported – 627
  • Died/Euthanized/Runaway – 32

Felines Leaving in 2019

  • Adopted – 224
  • RTO – 5
  • Transported – 46
  • Died/Euthanized/Runaway –  23

Animal Intake in 2019

  • Felines – 296
  • Canines – 940
  • Total – 1236

Animals still in care on January 1, 2020

53 Canines and 49 Felines

  • 37% of animals leaving shelter were adopted
  • 54% of animals leaving shelter are transported
  • 4% of animals leaving shelter are returned to their owner
  • 4% of animals leaving shelter escape, died, or euthanized

Life-Saving Percentage = 95%*

            *Life Saving Percentage = [(animals adopted +  animals transported + animals returned to owner + animals returned to field) / total animals leaving shelter] x 100%

 What Drives Us

Jeanne H. Miller

Animal Shelter

The most significant change in the animal shelter since 2018 has been the improvement and addition of play yards for the dogs. Existing play yards were improved. Four of them were expanded to include a shade tree. Also, three-foot privacy fencing was put up to decrease fighting between yards. One additional play yard was added. The funding for these improvements came through a $3000 grant from the William and Charlotte Parks Foundation. Also, through the John and Kathy Kirker, permanent wood siding has been put up to replace heavy plastic siding.

We also received in early 2019 $4860 from the Wilson Fund of the MS Gulf Coast Community Foundation to purchase new kennels to replace our old and dilapidated small dog and puppy kennels.

Also, the Stone County SPCA received $3000 from a generous donor in early 2019 to add five play yards for long term residents. This gift along with funds raised a tree sale covered the cost of these new play yards. The trees were donated from GreenForest Nursery.

The Stone County SPCA received $15000 in funding for medical care of shelter pets from the Petco Foundation. These much-needed funds went towards pharmaceuticals and veterinary costs to care for sick and injured animals and prepare them for adoption.

adopt a puppy in wiggins

– Adoptions – 

The Stone County SPCA takes pets monthly to PetSmart in D’Iberville and Petco in Biloxi for adoption events. 

foster a pet

– Fostering Program –

The Stone County SPCA tries to place senior pets into foster care where they can live out the rest of their lives getting more attention and care than they can receive at a shelter. The fear of high veterinary costs often keeps these pets from getting adopted. By fostering these pets, the caregivers are not responsible for paying their veterinary bills, the shelter is.

spca pet transportation

– Transport Program –

The Stone County SPCA regularly transports adoptable dogs and puppies to shelters in Tampa and Fort Lauderdale where the adoption rate is much higher.


The Stone County SPCA is working with Southern Pines Animal Shelter in Hattiesburg to transport puppies and dogs up North to areas with a higher adoption rate. This program is funded by grants obtained by Southern Pines. We are currently sending approximately 25 dogs and puppies a month through this program. This program is inexpensive but no heartworm positive dogs are eligible. There is also less control over the timing and acceptance of dogs for this transport.

 Low-Cost Spay/Neuter Vouchers  – The Stone County SPCA works along with the Stone County Community Cat Society to provide discount spay/neuter vouchers for low income pet owners. A total of $8,000 went towards spay and neuter vouchers in 2019. These funds were provided by the MS I Care for Animals Car Tag Grant ($3000), and the Wilson Fund of the MS Gulf Coast Community Foundation ($5000). If you are a low-income pet owner or are caring for free roaming community cats, contact the shelter about obtaining theses discount vouchers.

Medical Vouchers –  The Stone County SPCA works with Animal Care Clinic to provide $50 medical vouchers to help low-income individuals cover medical costs for their pets in need. This money typically covers an exam and perhaps medication. An individual with a sick or injured pet must contact either the vet clinic or the shelter. The voucher must be approved by Katie Stonnington, as well as Animal Care Clinic. These emergency medical vouchers help keep pets out of the shelter and are greatly appreciated by those that receive them.

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Our Team

Board of Directors 2020

Katie Stonnington – President

Dr. Prudence Derby – Vice President

Sheila Heavens – Treasurer

Nina Shaw – Secretary

Board Members 2020

Wilmet McDonald

Ann Cooley

Charlotte Batson

Bridget Rooney

Kathy Kirker

Staff 2020

Destiny Meyers

Emily Kanarvogel

Shelbie Fairley 

Katie Barnes