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Board of Directors

President – Katie Stonnington

Vice President – Nina Shaw

Treasurer – Sheila Heavens

Secretary – Nina Shaw

Board Members

Wilmet McDonald

Melissa Ballman

Ann Cooley

Charlotte Batson

Bridget Rooney

Dr. Prudence Derby

Kathy Kirker

Staff 2017

Suzanne Cauley – Dog Coordinator

Jesse Meadows – Cat Coordinator

Emily Kanarvogel – Cat Coordinator

Jenel Jackson – Receptionist & Office Worker

Beth Nethery – PetSmart Coordinator

Canines Leaving in 2016:

  • Adopted – 143
  • RTO – 15
  • Transported – 513
  • Died/Euthanized/Run away – 31

Felines Leaving in 2016:

  • Adopted – 203
  • Died/Euthanized/Run away –  34
  • RTO – 8

Animal Intake in 2016:

  • Felines – 270
  • Canines – 741
  • Total – 1011

Animals still in care January 1, 2016 – 98 Canines and Felines

  • 37% of animals leaving the shelter are adopted
  • 54% of animals leaving shelter are transported
  • 7% of animals leaving shelter die or euthanized
  • 2% of animals leaving shelter are returned to their owner
  • Lifesaving percentage = 93% *Lifesaving percentage = [(animals adopted + animals transported + animals returned to owner)/total animals leaving shelter] x 100%


Transporting Animals to Areas with a Higher Adoption Rate

The Stone County SPCA is still transporting dogs and puppies to The Humane Society of Broward County in Fort Lauderdale, FL. The Humane Society of Broward County accepts limited pit bulls, dogs and puppies with treatable injuries, and limited heartworm positive dogs. Each transport sends about twenty dogs and puppies. Currently, we are transporting every three weeks. Each transport costs about $500. The Stone County SPCA is also working with Southern Pines Animal Shelter in Hattiesburg to transport puppies and dogs up North to areas with a higher adoption rate. This program is funded by grants obtained by Southern Pines. We are currently sending approximately 15 dogs and puppies a month through this program.

PetSmart Adoption Partners 

The Stone County SPCA adopts animals out of PetSmart D’Iberville. More than 60% of our total adoptions are through PetSmart. Beth Nethery manages the PetSmart adoptions and is there faithfully three Saturdays a month, as well as Friday, Saturday, Sunday on four PetSmart Adoption Weekends.  Low Cost Spay/Neuter Vouchers  A total of $16,000 went towards spay and neuter vouchers in 2016. These funds were provided by the Wilson Fund of the Mississippi Gulf Coast Community Foundation ($12,000) and MS I Care for Animals Car Tag Grant ($4000). These funds provided for 200 pets of individuals on a low income and feral cats to be spayed or neutered.

Pet Food for Families in Need The Stone County SPCA has been providing pet food to the needy in our area through Our Daily Bread Food Pantry in Wiggins. Currently, Purina Mills in Louisiana donates damaged bags of dog and cat food to our shelter. Walmart in Wiggins also donates their torn bags and dented cans of pet food to the shelter. The pet food given to the Food Pantry comes from the excess food donated to our shelter. Steve and Lisa Courtney, Jacy Taylor, and Jerry and Nita Henke oversee this program.

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